Police issue warning after bike theft

This in from Holbeck NPT today…

On Monday 30th July 2012 an 18-year-old male from the Waincliffe estate, Beeston, attended court after being charged and remanded for a theft of pedal cycle from outside a nearby supermarket.

The pedal bike was recovered shortly after the incident after detective work by Holbeck NPT officers. The male has now returned to prison to serve a further five months.

APS 6584 Mike Bonner said after the hearing:

“This male had a chance to live a law-abiding life following his release on license from Prison. He has failed to do this, despite the numerous educational and developmental opportunities he has been provided by probation.

“The rule is simple – any person who feels it is ok to take other people’s things will face having their liberty taken away from them.

“Holbeck NPT pride themselves on supporting our community, allowing a peaceful neighbourhood for the law abiding majority.”