Planning applications 17 December 2018

Each week we publish lists of planning applications related to LS10 and LS11 published on on the Leeds City Council website.

The following applications were validated in the week beginning 17 December 2018:


5m single storey rear extension, 3.495m to ridge height and 2.5m to eaves

135 Old Lane Beeston Leeds LS11 7AQ

Ref. No: 18/07848/DHH | Status: Current

Determination for installation of a 15m lattice tower supporting 6 antennas in an open head frame to a top antenna height of 18m, 2 transmission dishes, 2 equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto including 1 GPS module and 18 remote radio units(Amendments to approved scheme 17/01851/DTM) 

Land At Whitehall Junction Network Rail Land Water Lane Holbeck Leeds LS11 9UA

Ref. No: 18/07850/DTM | Status: Current

Variation of Condition 5 (opening hours) of approval 16/07471/FU 

Asda Old Lane Beeston Leeds LS11 8AG

Ref. No: 18/07626/FU | Status: Current

Retrospective application for a single storey extension to front 

1A Envoy Street Beeston Leeds LS11 5NW

Ref. No: 18/07640/FU | Status: Current

Relocation of existing pedestrian entrance and turnstile including new steps with hand rail and pavement leading to car park; make good existing entrance with new locked gate and fence 

DePuy International Ltd St Anthonys Road Beeston Leeds LS11 8DT

Ref. No: 18/07543/FU | Status: Current

Change of Use from Offices to House

Canopy Housing Project 114 Lady Pit Lane Beeston Leeds LS11 6EE

Ref. No: 18/07128/FU | Status: Current

Change of use of 9 parking spaces to hand car wash and valeting operation with floodlights including new cabin and erection of canopy 

Asda Old Lane Beeston Leeds LS11 8AG

Ref. No: 18/06723/FU | Status: Current

Non illuminated signage to proposed hand car wash and valeting operation 

Asda Old Lane Beeston Leeds LS11 8AG

Ref. No: 18/06724/ADV | Status: Current

Single storey side and rear extension; Porch to front 

10 Hopes Farm View Belle Isle Leeds LS10 4QR

Ref. No: 18/07608/FU | Status: Current

Variation of condition 1 (removal of containers) of approval 16/06110/FU to permit continued temporary use for self-store container storage (Use Class B8) with associated access and parking for a period of 5 years 

The Cutting Edge Cross Myrtle Street Holbeck Leeds LS10 1BU

Ref. No: 18/07385/FU | Status: Current

Retrospective application for change of use of site(B8) to vehicle operating site and retention of existing vehicle access, single storey modular building for office staff and two storey modular building for site workers 

Skelton Grange Road Stourton Leeds LS10 1RZ

Ref. No: 18/07271/FU | Status: Current