Parks improvements in Hunslet

Environmental improvement work has been agreed for areas of Hunslet that will include landscaping work and improvements to some play areas.

Pepper Road playground in Hunslet

City & Hunslet Councillors Nash, Iqbal and Davey have pushed for funding to be allocated to the development of the play area at Hunslet Lake including the removal of the disused bowling green, maintenance work at Hunslet Moor’s ball court where the disused bowling green will also be removed, as well as landscaping at the Pepper Road play area.

Local Councillors are confident that these improvements will be welcomed by the local community and encourage increased use of these amenities.  Funding has been made available by developers who have been granted permission to build in the ward.

Councillor Elizabeth Nash said:

“We are delighted that local residents will be able to benefit from these improvements and hope that they encourage people to become more active and enjoy their surroundings.

“The sites that are scheduled to receive this funding are well loved by the public and this will ensure that they can be sustained for future generations”.