On The Beat: Safe nights out and off road bikes

Over the past couple of weeks it has finally felt like summer has arrived. The warmer weather has been lovely for us all to get outside and to ensure everyone keeps safe West Yorkshire Police have launched our Enjoy Summer Safely campaign.

This campaign will raise awareness of crimes such as domestic abuse, drinking driving, one punch manslaughter, and sexual assaults which can increase at this time of year. Our message is to enjoy your night but Stay Safe. You can do this by following the below advice:

  • Never leave your drink unattended – even soft drinks can get ‘spiked’
  • Look after yourself and your friends
  • Avoid putting yourself in situations you might regret
  • Always pre-book your taxi and make sure you get in the right one
  • Stay with your friends and never walk home alone
  • Too much alcohol can make you and others aggressive so be aware of the amount that you are drinking. If you get drunk you are more likely to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

As we continue to tackle the issues previously written about in relation to off road bikes, this month (13 June) our Off Road Bike Team have undertaken an operation alongside the Neighbourhood Policing Team in South Leeds. Six off road bikes were deployed and had a very successful day of action. During the day they:

  • Seized 4 vehicles (3 bikes and 1 quad)
  • Dealt with 8 people for a range of driving offences
  • Gave out two Section 59 warnings for anti-social driving.

We will continue to tackle this problem which we know is an issue for the residents of South Leeds and wider into the city and this continues to be a priority for us.


This post was written by Inspector Lucy Leadbeater of the South Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team