On the Beat: Darker evenings and bonfire night

I am writing this article with the rain pouring down outside and it is already dark – it seems as though all the engagement and community events that we attended during the summer are now just a distant memory!

With the change in weather I feel it is important to discuss some crime prevention advice in line with our darker nights campaign. The South Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team are working hard along with colleagues from our District Crime Team and wider partners to reduce burglaries across the area.

Whilst we have seen a reduction in burglaries across the South Leeds area, we understand the significant impact this offence can have on the resident.

Unfortunately, as the nights get darker earlier we have historically seen an increase in burglary offences and we want to work together to prevent residents from becoming a victim by providing the crime prevention advice below.

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If you would like any further advice or information you are able to speak to your local Crime Prevention Officer and this can be arranged by emailing innersouth@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

We are also fast approaching bonfire night and have recently had a very productive partnership meeting where we have discussed how we can keep people safe during this period and reduce ASB that we occasionally witness in the communities.

This year we will be focusing on prevention and youth diversion. Partners from the Youth Service and third sector organisations will be increasing youth provisions during this period and we would encourage young people to get involved in this.

Officers from police and fire will be attending schools across the area to deliver educational inputs and raise awareness of the dangers involved. There are a number of steps that you can take yourselves to ensure that you have a great bonfire night.


  • An organised display is the safest way to enjoy fireworks. There are bonfires organised by Leeds City Council in the South Leeds area including both Rothwell and Middleton Park – these will take place on Monday 5th November.
  • It is an offence for anyone under the age of 18 to buy fireworks. You can be fined or imprisoned for buying or using fireworks illegally.
  • Even at home, it is an offence to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am except on 5 November, when the cut off is midnight.
  • It is an offence to set off fireworks in a public place, which includes the street, parks and open land.
  • Where the police believe it is necessary, a direction to leave a locality may be given under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act. This may be done to reduce the likelihood of harassment, alarm or distress, or to deal with crime and disorder.

In relation to the issues that residents and businesses were experiencing on Lowfields Roads that I mentioned last month, I am pleased to update you that police and partners attended court and have now obtained a closure order on the road.
This is the first of its kind across the UK and now makes it an offence for anyone to attend the location and participate in car cruising or ‘car meet’ events on Low Fields Road. We are continuing to pro-actively police this area, however this partnership approach has proved successful.

I really value the opportunity to be able to provide advice and updates to the readers of South Leeds Life about the work that the Inner South Neighbourhood Policing Team are doing in your area to keep residents and businesses safe and we will continue to tackle the priorities and issues that are affecting the community.


This post was written by Inspector Lucy Leadbeater

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