Offering a helping hand at Westwood Primary

Westwood Primary School in Middleton have opened their very own food store at school. The aim of the store is to reduce food waste and stop perfectly good food ending up at landfill. It has also helped to overcome hunger in our community.

We have partnered up with FareShare. Each week Fareshare provide us with a delivery of surplus food that they have prevented going to waste, which will go on sale that same day. We have a selection of chilled and store cupboard goods to choose from.

We offer the food items to parents, carers, and grandparents. The pantry is run on a pay as you feel basis with an honesty jar on site for donations. The shop has been running for over a year now and is a definite hit with the school community and through donations received is self-sufficient and runs at no cost to the school.

The pantry has helped a variety of people from low income families and those suffering benefit payment delays to people simply just wanting to grab a bargain.

One parent said:

“The shop is really good and handy if you need something quick at the last minute. The food is really good quality and the pay as you feel is really good, and when you haven’t got much money it’s a lifesaver.”

Another parent commented that:

“They had saved money on their regular shopping bill which has enabled them to spend the savings on a day out with the children. The food is quality and really good value.”

We have found that the presence of the pantry within the school community provides much more than just meals. The panty is run by our very own care and support worker and also acts as a drop in for parents.

In addition to the food items there is also a uniform shop where parents can recycle uniform that is outgrown, which may be of use to others.


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