New walking group to research Holbeck

A new walking group, the Walking Around Research Group (WARG), has recently been awarded funding through the go:walking initiative to conduct some experimental walks in Holbeck.

Looking at Holbeck from a different angle

The group aim to develop a unique route in time for the forthcoming international Jane’s Walk Festival in May this year.
The group has been put together by Dr Simon Bradley and Anzir Boodoo to explore some of the less familiar aspects of neighbourhoods including soundscape, memoryscape and touchscape.

Walking plays a positive and creative role in how we shape our future communities, and WARG will be introducing innovative ways in which we can do this.

At all stages in this exciting project, local groups and individuals will be invited to participate. So far, WARG has teamed up with Friends of Holbeck Cemetery and the creators of the Matthew Murray Trail.

The idea is to complement and extend current walking possibilities and work towards regular walking events in the vicinity. Following the Jane’s Walk Festival, WARG is planning to conduct another Displacement Activities event for Leeds Light Night in the Autumn.

An introductory meeting will be held on Saturday 25 February from 2pm at Holbeck Working Mens Club, Jenkinson Lawn, Leeds LS11 9QX.

All are welcome, and refreshments will be provided. After an initial presentation, there will be an open discussion of the possible directions the project should take.

WARG will be organising two follow-up meetings/walks on Friday 10 March and Sunday 19 March.

Contact WARG directly via email: