New school uniform swap group for LS11

Do you have school uniform that your children have grown out of? Or maybe you need the next size up? Zero Waste Leeds have been championing the cause in the city of School Uniform exchanges in an effort to save the planet, and also your money!

A uniform exchange group has recently been set up in LS11. The group currently takes the form of a Facebook group called School Uniform Swap LS11 where members can post pictures of uniform they have to give away, or can ask for a particular uniform and exchanges are arranged privately.

Also though in the month of July there will be four pop up stalls happening, with lots of school uniform to be given away. These stalls will be held in the cafe in Cross Flatts Park every Wednesday in July from 10am-1pm. People are also invited to bring donations to the stall to be redistributed.

Gill Coupland (Zero Waste Leeds) and Tania Carlisle recently featured on Radio 5 Live (at 6:54am on 25 June) talking about the benefits of uniform exchanges and Leeds is pioneering this kind of planet and pocket saving strategy. Gill pointed out that it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton T-shirt, so making sure we only buy new when we really have to is so important.

Please do join the facebook group as the more people who join the better it will function. In the past there have been various people in LS11 doing this – Big thanks to Amanda Walker and Little Angels and many others, we aim to carry on the good work they have started.

The stage we are at now is publicising this facebook group and the stalls in the various schools. Could your child’s school send a text message home or put a poster up? We are always looking for volunteers to spread the word and be involved, for further information contact the facebook group School Uniform Swap LS11 or Tania Carlisle on 07917 157830.