New centre encourages pupils Into University

A new education centre, which is helping to raise aspirations amongst South Leeds children, held its official opening on Wednesday 27 April 2016.

Into University ribbon
Sir Alan Longlands, Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds cuts the ribbon with Alex Simpson, Asda Foundation and Rachel Carr, CEO Into University

The Into University centre runs after school sessions where children can complete their homework, or work on an exercise provided by the teaching staff. This term’s theme is palaeontology, the study of fossils, and exercises will include using English and Maths to explore the subject.

Children from primary school attend one session a week, whilst secondary age children attend twice a week. The centre is working with Hunslet Moor, Hugh Gaitskell, New Bewerley and Greenmount primaries, Cockburn high school, The South Leeds Academy and the Elliott Hudson College.

As well as the educational benefits children enjoy the social side and making new friends. It can also be an opportunity for a new start for children who are not getting on well at school. The centre is neutral ground and children have no reputation to live up to.

Into University, based at Hillside in Beeston Hill, is a partnership between the charity Into University and the University of Leeds. Before cutting the ribbon, university Vice Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands spoke about the importance of aspirations:

“We want all the children here to go to university. But actually that doesn’t matter as long as they achieve their potential.”

Students Alia from Hugh Gaitskell and Nyeem from Cockburn also spoke about what the centre means to them.

Children were working on a news story about the centre before the opening ceremony. This is what Amika Kazi wrote:

Amika Into UniversityInto University is a learning support centre where people are inspired to go to university. The Into University staff are Ellie, George, Laura and Emma and a volunteer called Naimiah. Into University Leeds South opened in September 2015.

Everyone here is wonderful and they are all unique and have different thoughts about university.

When we come in on an afternoon, we start off with a weekly challenge and every term we have different subjects that we learn.

Aleemah says, “I like having a mentor to help me if I am struggling.”

I asked everyone and they happily told me it is a fun and content way to learn things about university.

This place has great people with great diversity that mixes to make a great combination of brilliant ideas. The subjects that we learn are interesting to help fill our brains with knowledge to help understand life.

The centre, one of 21 across Britain, has been funded by the Asda Foundation and The Queen’s Trust.

For more information contact the centre on (0113) 387 6400; or email: