New bins will make Holbeck a tidier place as groups unite

Local resident Ian Pickup posts on details of an initiative to make Holbeck a tidier place with six new bins…

Holbeck bin
New bins in Holbeck will help tackle litter problems

Holbeck in Bloom contacted all the groups of Holbeck to ask to donate £100 towards three little bins, the cost of each bin being £350.

We got such a good response that we can buy the the bins and as we buy them the council’s also agreed to supply three bins – so six in total – around the parts of Holbeck where we need them the most.

Holbeck in Bloom would like to thank the following groups that donated: Friends of Holbeck Cemetery, Holbeck Christian Fellowship, Holbeck Area Residents’ Association, Friends of Holbeck Moor, Holbeck Elderly Aid and Voice of Holbeck.

Without their generosity this would not be possible – it just goes to show how community cohesion can make a difference.