Music Federation and Hunslet TARA join forces against litter

Music Federation staff and families have joined forces with Hunslet TARA (Tenants and Residents Association) to help clean up the local environment.

Low Road and Windmill Music Federation School council identified the need for keeping the school and local community environments clean and tidy. Understanding that it’s not just the look, it’s the missed recycling opportunities alongside the health and safety benefits that arise from having a clean and tidy community.

“We spend the day in school which our eco team help to keep clean and tidy, then go to play out and we’re playing amongst litter. It’s not nice.” – school council member

Consequently, Hunslet TARA chair, Stewart Walton, has been working closely with Low Road Primary School. He’s been giving up his Thursday mornings to attend assemblies and has been encouraging staff, pupils and families to join forces and help to make hunslet a place to be proud of.

Stewart Walton told the staff:

“It’s about educating the children and families. Setting good examples and hopefully some of the residents who are contributing to this litter problem will think again.”

On Sunday (3 July 2022) approximately 15 additional pairs of Music Federation hands volunteered to take part in the TARA’s weekly litter pick. Meeting at 12pm, Hunslet TARA provided all the equipment needed including litter pickers, high visibility jackets (very much needed when working with children) and of course, the purple bags!

The welcome from everyone was warm and friendly. Cllr Paul Wray, a regular volunteer at the litter pick stated:

“It was great to stop by the weekly Hunslet Tenants and Residents Association litter pick and see loads of pupils from Low Road Primary School out helping keep their local community clean. Initiatives like this not only help the community today but also build those all important citizenship and good neighbour skills in the next generation.”

One young attendee’s mum said,

“He’s been looking forward to this! Not only is he picking litter and helping out, he can use this towards achieving his Community Impact badge with Cubs!”

The TARA was joined by nursery to year 6 children alongside parents and teachers. With young feet getting tired, the perfectly timed break after an hour saw refreshments for all supplied by Morrisons Community Champion: Kelly Cheetham. Those who could, continued to help after the break until 1:30pm: by then a total of 10 purple bags of rubbish had been picked up by some amazing, little helpers.

It wasn’t only Morrisons who recognised the volunteer’s effort, one resident was quick to run out and provide children with some chocolate treats for when they had finished. He was eager to thank everyone for the efforts and for giving up their own time to help clear the community. Passers by were also taking note; many asking how they could get involved and what they needed to do.

This is not the end for this collaboration: The Music Federation have vouched to help maintain the community working alongside both Hunslet TARA and BITMO who are also aiming to enhance the look of Windmill Road in Belle Ilse.

Look out for Music Federation staff, pupils and families as they continue to give back to the local communities in every way they can.

Stewart said:

“It was very impressive and slightly emotional to see so many of our children joining us for the litter pick this weekend. I value the initiative the Music Federation has put behind keeping the local environment and surrounding community, clean and tidy which is why I find the work the music Federation does and for as long as I am able I will cherish the partnership between Low Road and Windmill Music Federation and Hunslet Tenants and Residents Association.”

Hunslet TARA meet every Sunday at 12pm, outside the Hunslet Church of the Nazarene, Lupton Street. Everyone is welcome (family friendly).


This post was written by Caroline Harvison.