More News From the Off Road Bike Team

West Yorkshire Police – Leeds South.
19 August.

Operation Ashfield

Leeds District Off Road Bike Team: 5
Reckless Riders: 0


When it comes to bikes, we’ve been wheel-y busy in South & West Leeds! Our Leeds District Off Road Bike Team has been on a roll
Here’s the lowdown on their two-wheeled escapades.
Sur-ron Standoff”: 2 Sur-ron’s caught in the act. One tried to play hide and seek in Bramley, while the other thought insurance and licenses were optional. Oops!
Belle Isle Bungle: Snatched back a stolen beauty that was cruising in the wrong hands in Belle Isle. Mission: Reclaimed!
Tiny Trouble”: Mini motorbike? More like mini headache for the owner with no insurance or license at Tulip Retail Park, Hunslet.
Honda CRF Conundrum: Morley’s ASB riders met their match when a Honda CRF was seized after numerous reports. No more joyrides for this bike, as it was left abandoned!

1 driver stopped and arrested for being unfit to drive through drink or drugs.

Intel & Engagement: Our team’s not just about bikes, they’re about building bridges! Numerous well-known south nominals engaged with, and a treasure trove of intels ready to submit.


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