Money Matters: Making the most of the Sales

In a flash Christmas will be over and the January sales will be underway. Here, Jodie, the Branch Coordinator at Leeds Credit Union, shares our tips for picking up a bargain to welcome in 2023.

We all know how expensive Christmas can be, so it’s no wonder the ever-increasing number of festive sales are so popular.

However, the January sales usually take a back seat to the likes of Black Friday but with plenty of discounts on offer on a wide range of products, braving them can actually be an extremely worthwhile move.

With many retailers’ sales beginning on 30 December, it’s a good idea to start preparing now to give yourself the best chance of picking up a bargain. Here’s our advice on getting ready.

Shop online

January’s best deals are often only available in very limited quantities and are likely to be snapped up by hardcore shoppers who are prepared to start queuing outside in the middle of the night.

To increase your chances of getting your hands on the best deals and reduce your chances of making costly impulse buys you later regret, do your shopping online.

Read retailers’ newsletters

The best way to keep abreast of the best online offers is to sign up to your favourite retailers’ newsletters. This will enable you to get a better handle on what discounts are being offered and which specific items are going cheap.

Knowing exactly what’s available, when, at what price and from which vendors before the sales officially launch will give you an advantage over other shoppers and help you get the things you want in your basket before they sell out.

Forget about the discount tag

A common mistake when shopping the sales is buying something you don’t need just because it’s got 70% off.
Unless it’s a product you actually need at a price within your budget, walk away. Remember, an item reduced to £300 still costs £300, so the golden rule is: look at the price, not the reduction!

Make a budget

Yes, shopping is supposed to be fun but making a budget before you start is the most effective way of ensuring you don’t overspend and find yourself going into your overdraft or maxing out your credit cards.

Once you’ve established how much you’re willing to spend and are able to afford, it’s important to be strict with yourself and stick to your budget. Making one then ignoring it isn’t going to help anybody except the retailer.

Be prepared

As well as adhering to the points above, make a list of things you want and don’t stray from it – this will stop you browsing other shops and websites and being tempted by products you don’t actually need.

And remember: exercising self-control is critical if you’re going to make a success of your January sales shopping.

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