Mini HUGO Bus At Hunslet Job Centre


hugo on lineThe Mini HUGO bus is proving a great success especially at Hunslet Job Centre Plus, we park up at JCP every Wednesday 10am-3pm and offer extra support to those attending the Job Centre.

We have helped to set up email addresses, universal job match accounts and have helped to construct cover letters and CV’s as well as assisting in filling out application forms and finding apprenticeships.

If ever we can’t solve a problem right away we always signpost and put people in contact with people that can.

Its about helping people to get online and discover the wonders of the internet and digital devices!Jess

Whatever you want to know about digital devices or the internet step on board and we will help you!


Please contact, for more information.

Jess Dewhurst

Project Support Officer
Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation Ltd

Phone: (0113) 378 2190 Email:


a: Belle Isle TMO, Aberfield Gate, Belle Isle, Leeds LS10 3QH


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