Middleton teacher fundraising for Indian education project

South Leeds teacher Clara Bradford is using an innovative new website to help her raise funds to support children in India.

Education IndiaClara, who teaches Year 4 at Middleton Primary School is planning to spend four weeks of her summer holiday in India as a volunteer with the Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) International Project. They will be training 100 teachers, which in turns will impact the educational chances of thousands of children across India.

Clara has already taken part in a sponsored 28 mile bike ride, a fun run and held a bun sale at school. Now she is harnessing the power of the internet with Crowdfunder. Supporters can pledge an amount of money in return for a reward or gift. This type of fundraising has been used in the past to fund film and music project and launch small companies. It is now increasingly being used to fund charitable projects.

Explaining her motivation, Clara said:

“Having been the first in my family to go to University and become a teacher I want the opportunity to make the most of my time as a teacher and ambassador of Teach First; putting the skills I have learnt to use and making a difference to lives around the world rather than just the UK.

“It is my hope that I will forge links with the teachers, so that I can share practice and broaden the children’s understanding of the wider world at my school in Middleton. I hope you see how beneficial this is for me, the community of Middleton and the school itself.”

To find out more about Clara’s project go to: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/Help-me-make-a-difference-/