Middleton mums cook up a treat for their kids

Mums in Middleton are cooking up a treat for the families thanks to a cookery club which helps people to put together healthy meals for the family.

The cookery club at Middleton Advice Centre encourages mums to bring their children for a couple of hours try out new fun recipes and healthy foods they may not otherwise consider.
Mum Amelia attends the sessions with son Logan. Here’s her story:

“We really enjoy coming here every week. We have fun and meet new people.

The staff – thanks Emily and Gayle! – are very welcoming and we have a lot of fun while we learn new things about what’s good and what’s bad for us. I know all about the importance of having five fruit or veg a day!

“The kids get to try new healthy stuff and I’ve cut down on how much chocolate I have. I’ve learned to use up any spare vegetable I have in soups – you’d be surprised how nice it is! – and how to hide onions so the kids can’t find them in their food.
“Logan eats the veg and he’s started to eat stuff he’s never had before. He never liked mushrooms before, but now he likes them.”

Mum Norma goes with daughter Lola. Here’s her story:

“I’ve gone down a dress size since I started coming here. Things now fit me and it’s great not having to breathe in!
“When I go to the fridge, instead of having a snack, I’ll pick out a low-fat yoghurt instead. And instead of crisps I’ll have an apple or orange.

“The best thing for me has been realising what food I’ve got left in the house and then being able to pick up tips with what I can make with it.”


The healthy cooking club runs every Monday at Middleton Advice Centre, 3.30-5.30
It’s run by Health for All and Change For Life.
Change for Life is a government scheme which promotes healthy eating and physical activity.
The aim is to make small changes which last a lifetime such as eating  five pieces of fruit or veg a day etc.
More details from Toshal Bhatia aon 0113 8272200.