Middleton Life: A mention of Middleton in 1086

The Middleton Life local history project took a break for the half-term holidays this week – but will be back next week with a trip to the Thackray Medical Museum.

Just to keep you going, here’s a fact about Middleton to keep you going: Did you know that in Anglo Saxon Middleton means a settlement between two places. ‘Middle’ is fairly self explanatory and the ‘ton’ comes from ‘tun’ meaning enclosure, farmstead or village.

Also, take part in our fun poll below – answer will be revealed tomorrow afternoon!

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By the way, we have a very limited number of spaces left on the Thackray trip next Wednesday. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Middleton Life project and would like to join us on the trip, drop us a line at john.baron@healthforall.org.uk and we’ll send you more details.