Meet the Slimming World South Leeds team

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The South Leeds team run a total of 22 groups, Monday to Saturday at various times and venues and have been celebrating their “golden” year as Slimming World was 50 years old in September.

In total the members in their groups have lost 32,752.5 pounds this year, 2,339 stones 6.5 pounds, the equivalent of almost 13 ford fiestas!

Jane Masefield runs groups in Middleton and Beeston. She says “that Slimming World feeling” for her is being able to enjoy a great social life and still lose weight. Eating and enjoying fabulously filling family meals like macaroni cheese and chicken risotto” just a couple of Jane’s favourites!





Maria Metcalf also runs a group in Middleton. The best “slimming world feeling” for her comes from seeing her daughter picking up good habits. Maria says “On busy days, seeing my daughter choose to make something healthy for herself and her brother, rather than opting for a takeaway makes me feel great!”





Tace Catlin runs groups in Beeston Hill and Belle Isle. She says “I love the freedom to eat a variety of foods which enables me to cook all my favourite recipes. That “slimming world feeling” of being able to experiment and discover new dishes just by making a few swaps to make them healthier!”




Vicky Sampson runs the groups in Hunslet and she says “That slimming world feeling” is knowing you are part of a group of similar minded people who don’t judge but completely understand your desire and struggle to lose weight. Just being welcomed, supported and valued is the best feeling in the world!”