MADD Festival @ CJCA

After last year’s successful photographic exhibition, Cockburn John Charles Academy (formerly South Leeds Academy) is hosting a wider arts festival.

Natalia Nowinska with her work at last year’s exhibition

Featuring Music, Arts, Dance and Drama, MADD Fest takes place on Thursday 5 July from 6:30-8pm.

Organiser Miss Jessica Rape said:

“Cockburn MAT is proud to announce it’s latest MADD Fest at the Cockburn John Charles Academy. The night promises the chance to view lots of creative Art and Photography work from our Year 11 students in addition to some fantastic Dance and Drama performances by a wider range of our students.

“Come along to see what Cockburn John Charles has to offer, we want to use MADD Fest as an opportunity to open our doors to the community, everyone is welcome!”

Cockburn John Charles Academy is located on Old Run Road in Belle Isle.


Note we gave the date as Tuesday 5 July in the newspaper, MADD Fest is on Thursday 5 July