Lost & Found – Thanks To South Leeds Residents On Social Media

When Billie Hallard took part in a dance event at the Hunslet Club almost a decade ago she mislaid a precious album containing irreplaceable photographs of herself taking part in competitions across the county. Gone forever so her family sadly thought.

Billie Hallard

 However little did she know that it would turn up in 2013 having sat on a shelf at the club all that time. It was rediscovered by Funding Officer Jason Slack. “I could see that these were someone’s treasured pictures and thought that perhaps social media could help reunite the album with its owners.” explained Jason. He then posted one of the family images online and asked the people of Leeds to help identify who they were. The image was retweeted and shared multiple times and was seen by up to 21,500 people before an eagle-eyed friend of Billies’ mother identified them.Billie Reunited With Photo Album




“It is so nice to have these back. Thank you so much for not throwing it away and finding me! These are pictures we’d otherwise have never got back.“ said Billie on being reunited with the album, now 16 and studying for her A-Levels. Billie was surprised to learn how many times the picture had been viewed online  before the reunion. “I can’t believe that, how amazing!”

Said Jason “The Hunslet Club, is well used as a venue for wedding receptions, parties and functions so I thought somebody must know who left this here at such event. It impresses me greatly that thanks to the kindness of people in Leeds sharing an image on facebook and twitter that we’ve brought about a happy ending to this lost and found story.”

The Hunslet Club with over 2,000 members last week celebrated winning the Outstanding Community Sports Club trophy at the Leeds Sports Award as well as the Speak To The Streets Community Award 2013 for Best Youth Club.

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