Leeds the scene for Wilko Wilkes’ latest banger!

Leeds rapper Wilko Wilkes keeps churning out creativity and is back with the sixth instalment of his collection with a thriller set in Leeds City Centre!

Stalked by a Stranger is a story told from the first-person in which Wilkes goes to Leeds City centre to buy some clothes ahead of a big evening with his friends. All seems well until he realises he is being followed by a mystery man. A chase ensues and from there it’s frantic twists and turns until the saga comes to a shocking end.

With mentions for local landmarks like Trinity shopping centre and Woodhouse Lane car park, as well as local dialogue peppered throughout, this track has a strong local feel and is a great example of some of the fantastic creative talent we have up north.

Wilkes is flexing his creative muscles here and has produced a very complete piece that will shock and delight. We won’t ruin the ending for you though – you’ll have to listen below to find out what happens!

There is no swearing in the track but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!

The track was released Friday (8 January 2021) and is available on all streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. To follow him on social media search Wilko Wilkes