Latest community policing news from Hunslet

In the third of our posts on the work of neighburhood policing teams in South Leeds, today we look at Hunslet

West Yorkshire Police logoParking problems around Hunslet primary schools

With the start of the new term PCSO Robert Manning is continuing his efforts to reduce the numbers of complaints from residents living close to primary schools in the area, about inconsiderate and illegal parking at the start and end of the school day.

PCSO Manning will be making regular patrols at Hunslet Carr Primary, Hunslet Moor Primary, Low Road Primary, Hunslet St Mary’s Primary and St Joseph’s Primary and would like to remind parents and carers that any vehicle parked on the yellow zig zag lines outside schools may be issued with a Fixed Penalty ticket with a £30 fine.

Vehicles must also not be parked near a school entrance where this will restrict access for Emergency Services vehicles or prevent buses pulling into a bus stop.

PCSO Manning would also like to remind drivers that it is their responsibility to ensure that children a wearing a seat belt at all times, and that they may receive a £60 Fixed Penalty ticket if they fail to do so.

Children from the age of 3 and under 135cm in height , or till the age of 12 (whichever they reach first) must use a booster seat.

No extension to Savannah Club’s opening hours

A licence hearing was held at Leeds Civic Hall following a conditions alteration application by the Savannah Club in Hunslet requesting an extension of their trading hours on weekend nights.

Sergeant Darren Chapman and Community Officer Jo Dickinson from Holbeck NPT attended this hearing along with the Police Licensing Department to offer evidence of objections based on residents’ concerns regarding reports of excessive noise in the area and information received indicating that youths were being allowed access to the premises and were consuming alcohol.

After the presentation of this evidence the Licensing Committee rejected the application to extend trading hours.

Sergeant Chapman said, after the meeting:

“We work closely with our partners in the licensing trade through schemes such as Pubwatch and encourage them to conduct their business in a professional and responsible manner as, when done properly, they add a valuable resource to the community in which they are based.

“However, when these activities are clearly having a negative impact on the residents through anti-social behaviour and disregard of licensing laws we have a responsibility to act in the interests of the community we serve.

“I am sure that this decision will be received with great relief by the residents of Hunslet.”

Police thanks

A resident of Rocheford Close, Hunslet attended Holbeck Police Station to thank  PCSOs Julie Rice and Kay Kennedy for their help in tackling perceived anti-social behaviour in the area.

PCSO Rice had worked with the Crime Reduction Officer to suggest a keysafe to the resident, who had concerns about the emergency services being able to access his property following the installation of a Fearfree door by Leeds City Council.

The resident has now benefited from numerous crime prevention measures including a letter box jammer and a door camera.