Jess on her South American adventure

JESSHi Ken, so sorry for the late reply getting Wi-Fi that actually works has been a nightmare. So far I’ve been to Cuba and Mexico City. Cuba was gorgeous, exotic and picturesque and it was great to talk to locals about Fidel and Raul Castro.

However the Cuban food is terrible; probably to do with the rationing! Mexico City is an amazing Mega City and there are some great parts but there is a real dark side too. The police are everywhere; you can’t walk for 2mins without seeing a policeman with a riot shield, gun and baton! It was international workers day yesterday and so there was some protesting and a small riot which was interesting to see; we should celebrate workers day in the UK. Anyway enough about me how are you? How’s the GATE? What have you been up to?carla and jess (5)

 Quote: Kenneth Ingram. “Thought I would share the above travelogue with you all. Jess, worked at The GATE for about 15 months. Going by her map, lots more to come.”