It’s your move

Here’s the final entry for the 2019 St Luke’s CARES Community Awards, it has been submitted (yesterday) by Jack Smith on behalf of Church Together in LS11.

It’s Your Move – a guide to all pupils moving to secondary school

In 2007 a joint scheme was introduced by Church Together in LS11 which would provide help and support to schools and their pupils who would be moving to secondary school. The objective was to give each youngster a copy of the booklet, which would address many of the questions and uncertainties that young people face when moving to high school.

Teenage years can always bring problems, but it seems sadly, that young people today face more difficult and sometimes potentially dangerous situations than ever before. Here in LS11 and nationwide.

In 2007 schools were initially unsure about such an enterprise and the number of books given out was relatively small. However, since then, teaching staff have appreciated the value of the scheme and last year a total of 550 books were distributed to 11 schools in the Leeds 11 area.

Unfortunately the scheme is now a victim of its own success and for the first time, last year, ended with a deficit of £200. We are appealing to St Luke’s CARES for financial help so that we can clear last year’s debt and have a healthy balance to start the new year.

So far, funding has mainly been provided by Churches in LS11. The scheme is multi-racial and aimed at all young people whatever their ethnicity.


This post was written by Jack Smith

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