It’s blooming marvellous in Middleton

Children from St Philip’s Primary School Middleton joined the Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom Team, volunteers and local Councillor Kim Groves planting tubs on Middleton Circus recently.

Cllr Kim Groves with members of the In Bloom group and local school children.
Cllr Kim Groves with members of the In Bloom group and local school children.

The Middleton and Belle Isle in Bloom group need more volunteers and it is hoped that the bright new planters will draw attention to the work the group undertakes and the difference they make to the local community.

Proving that the area is truly green-fingered, the Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation also organises a garden competition for all residents and schools with prizes presented at the annual Friends of Middleton Park produce show.

Actively working behind the scenes is local resident Julie Holmes who has set up a Facebook page for the group.  If anyone is interested in getting involved or sponsoring a basket then they are encouraged to visit the site and request further information.

Councillor Kim Groves said:

“We started working with schools two years ago planting bulbs in Belle Isle and Middleton as part of a wider project ‘Love Where You Live’.  Children from several school took part in a poster competition and it was clear that they wanted more flowers and tidy streets .

“The In Bloom Group is taking up that challenge and we will be working with schools to identify areas in the community where planting will visually enhance the landscape. We are also hoping to attract local companies and residents to sponsor hanging baskets on the main arterial routes in both areas for advertising or in memory of their loved ones.  Baskets are filled twice a year and the cost includes a message on a plaque and watering.”

Jane Chitty (Chair of Middleton and Belle Isle in Bloom) said:

“We can make a real difference even if you can only volunteer a few hours per month it all helps, we are hoping to grow the group so that we can take on even more projects.”