Hunslet & Riverside Ward


Green Party GAIN
Elected: CARLISLE Ed

Candidate Description Votes
ADEYEMI Samson Roberts The Conservative Party Candidate 253
CARLISLE Ed Green Party 2,441
COTTLE Nick Freedom Alliance. Truth, Equality and Health. 42
FOSTER Thomas Peter Social Democratic Party 33
NASH Elizabeth Anne Labour Party 1,947
TURNER-CHASTNEY Benedict Liberal Democrats 53
Electorate: 17,597
Turnout: 27.2%
Spoilt ballots: 24


Here is a list of all the candidates standing in Hunslet & Riverside ward for election to Leeds City Council on Thursday 5 May 2022.

We have contacted all the candidates to ask them about why they are standing and what their policies are. We will publish their answers as they send them in so keep checking back to compare answers and make your choice.

We also held an online hustings meeting on Tuesday 26 April which you can watch here:


Samson Roberts ADEYEMI

The Conservative Party candidate

Address in Leeds*

My name is Sam Adeyemi, and I am the Conservative Party candidate for Hunslet and Riverside ward. My knowledge and experience of the socio-economic life of Hunslet and Riverside is why I have put myself forward as a candidate that aims to give better representation to the people and needs of the ward.

If elected, I shall be focusing on these local issues raised by residents:

  1. Provision of more bus routes to cater to the demands of the residents in underserved areas.
  2. Address anti-social behaviours via deterrent measures.
  3. Improve on existing efforts at reducing littering and fly tipping.
  4. Tackling speeding in the identified areas.
  5. Crime- work closely with the police to address this growing concern.
  6. Licensing Suitability Policy- this is one reoccurring issue raised by local taxi drivers. Since this policy was adopted, there has been growing complaints that it has adversely impacted the ability of many drivers to ply their trade with ease.



Green Party

153 Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 6AW

Like so many people, I love south Leeds. I’ve lived, worked, and volunteered across our communities here for 20 years, establishing and/or co-leading dozens of projects:


I’ve also supported dozens of other organisations, projects, and campaigns (eg on cladding, air pollution, antisocial Airbnb rentals, and the current taxi dispute). And I’m active locally year-round, working with residents, businesses, and agencies to tackle key issues in our neighbourhoods and city.

I didn’t set out to get into politics, but – like so many – am hungry for a positive politics for our communities. The big two parties are – locally and nationally – tired, discredited, unable to deliver the change we need.

Thanks to the incredible support of great local people, we’re on the verge of breaking through and winning: last year saw us on 2300 votes (42%, 2nd). This election presents a great opportunity for us to reset politics for our community here, and start turning our neighbourhoods and city around for good. / 07738 921 277




Freedom Alliance. Truth, Equality and Health.

Address in Leeds*

I’m Nick Cottle, a concerned parent who has lost all faith and trust in our current political system. The established political parties promise the earth come election time and fail to deliver every single time.

They are corrupt to the core and are only concerned with financial gain for themselves and their friends. I feel as I’m sure many more do too that local MP’s and councillors generally follow the party line and refuse to ask relevant questions, this results in people becoming victims of policy.

Our government should work for the people and this has been largely forgotten over the years. It’s time for the people to stand up and make a change for the better, starting NOW in the local council elections, people should be at the heart of every decision affecting them and as a part of this community I promise to represent the people of Hunslet & Riverside to my best ability in order to bring positive change to each and everyone of your lives.

I for one have had enough of the lies and deceptions, particularly over the past two years and I feel that my place within the Freedom Alliance can make change for a fairer government and together we can enhance and embrace our local community, successfully improving our lives and that of our families.


Thomas Peter FOSTER

Social Democratic Party

37 West Grange Gardens, Leeds, LS10 3AT


Elizabeth Anne NASH

Labour Party

Address in Leeds*

Being a councillor is very hard work especially in our big ward of Hunslet & Riverside where we have so many different communities each with their own problems and aspirations.

Government financial cuts to Local Government have made things much more difficult with less money to spend for the benefit of residents. My being a member of a Labour Team of Councillors helps enormously with us working together sharing casework, helping resolve difficulties and planning improvements.

A councillor is elected not only to serve the ward he or she represents but also to attend meetings which take policy decisions for the whole of the City which the Government insists that we attend in person and not online. Much time is also spent meeting Council officers discussing things we need doing in Hunslet and how they can be funded and delivered.

Examples of this is that firstly I saved the lovely Hunslet Library from demolition when a coalition of political parties other than Labour were in control. I got an initial refurbishment followed by the recent major refurbishment. Dewsbury Road Library also received extensive alterations with user-friendly open spaces. Many playgrounds have been installed or improved in all our parks across the Ward.

Challenges still facing our Labour Team are the restoration and repair to Hunslet St Mary’s Church Spire and the rebuilding of Cockburn Sports Hall which will serve all our communities.



Liberal Democrats

20 Alnwick View, Leeds, LS16 5AP



*In England, if a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the relevant electoral area in which their home address is situated (or country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided.