Hunslet packaging firm invests in solar power

LVF Packaging has installed 670 new solar panels at its headquarters in Hunslet, meaning the packaging manufacturer has now invested over £300k in solar power; with the panels generating close to 300,000 kw of energy at peak times and 185MWh per annum.

In real terms, the investment means LVF is now producing all the electricity it requires to operate on a 24 / 7 basis.

Daniel Coates, LVF Packaging’s business development director, said:

“We first installed solar panels back in 2014 as part of a strategy aimed at making us a truly sustainable business.

“Back then it didn’t seem possible that solar would eventually generate enough power to cover all the electricity costs for a manufacturing project the size of ours, but now, less than ten-years down the line, we’re in the position where we’re not only doing that but have significant scope for even more.”

The company’s sustainable thinking hasn’t been confined to solar power, with those at the helm of the business long believing that going green isn’t optional.

“There’s been an awful lot of businesses jumping on the green bandwagon in recent years and all they’ve done is tick a couple of boxes and make promises that won’t be delivered on, or even checked, until ten, even fifteen years down the line,” continued Daniel.

“Like a lot of other packaging manufacturers, we’ve been working extremely seriously on the green side of our business for many years. We’ve recycled 100 per cent of the plastic waste produced during the manufacturing process since 2020; we also recycle all our cardboard waste and are one of the few packaging companies able to legitimately claim that all of our products are fully recyclable.”

LVF Packaging also leads the way with its use of biodegradable plastic, Breakdown PET, which means any plastic waste produced in that material will naturally decompose should it end up in landfill.

“At a time when many manufacturers are seeing huge increases in material and energy costs, we are so grateful that the decisions we made to go green are not only playing a small part in helping save the environment, but are securing a sustainable future for the business and its employees,” added Daniel.


This post is based on a press release issued by LVF Packaging


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