Hunslet Festivals Nostalgia

With the fantastic Hunslet Festival taking place this Saturday, with stalls and entertainment from across the community, people may be interested in a curious old film from the Hunslet Club archives… around 57 seconds into it…


Colour footage from a Hunslet Parish Church Garden Party Fete, a forerunner to the community galas that take place to this day. I wonder if anybody can help to identify the year or any of the people that appear in it. One of the gentlemen on the stage is Cliff Goodyear, for many years the Club Leader of the Hunslet Club, but what about anyone else, does this stir any memories?

 Don’t forget tonight is Ladies Pamper Night at the Hunslet Club if you’d like to come and treat yourselves and also tommorow after the Hunslet Festival the party goes on with a Hunslet Club Tropicana 80’s Night to which adults are welcome.