Holbeck resident parking scheme goes live

A parking scheme for Holbeck residents went live today (Monday 18 December), after local Councillors Angela Gabriel, Adam Ogilvie and David Congreve pushed for the move. The introduction means that commuters will no longer be able to take advantage of the proximity to the city centre of Holbeck’s residential areas.

The scheme has been introduced in response to requests from residents of (amongst some others) Ingram Gardens, Balm Walk, Meynell Approach, Jenkinson Close, Ninevah Parade/Gardens & Sandlewood Close/Gardens.

The parking scheme has been prepared in consultation with residents and councillors and consists of permit parking for residents with some additional waiting restrictions to protect junctions. The scheme also allows for some limited waiting near to business premises.

Beeston and Holbeck Councillor Angela Gabriel said:

“We have worked hard to ensure that a parking scheme that is fair on local residents is implemented. Myself and my ward colleagues Adam Ogilvie and David Congreve are really pleased that this scheme is now going live and that local residents will no longer have to compete for parking space with commuters.”

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