Holbeck Community Centre needs you!


With summer well underway, it’s time to do some amazing artwork on the outside walls at Holbeck Community Centre, down near the Best One shop.

small mosaicHealth for All did some doorknocking and leafleting in May to ask people what they thought would be the best use of the outdoor space, which is in need of doing up. Alongside redoing the fencing for the games area, and making part of it into a Community Garden, people suggested getting local young people to do some large mosaics and murals on the brick arches down the side of the games area.

Health for All will be at Holbeck Gala on the 19 July, on Holbeck Moor, so come talk to us about what activities Health for All should run at the Centre. On our stall there will be a competition to submit ideas or pictures for what the artwork should be, with prizes for the winning suggestions. Then of course you’ll be able to come down and get messy with paint and mosaics as the fantastic organisation Hyde Park Source will be running several sessions at the Centre to make your ideas a reality.

small front pageAnd that’s just the beginning. Depending on what you want, there could be a community cafe there, as well as some fruit and veg stalls, cooking clubs, and gardening groups. Health for All are also thinking of offering advice clinics on employment, welfare and family issues.

For more information about what’s happening at Holbeck Community Centre, read the short report here. Or if you’re extremely curious, read the full report here.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie at stephanie.robinson@healthforall.org.uk or ring (0113) 271 7231.


This article was written by Stephanie Robinson using our Community Reporters website