Historic Photos of Queens’ Visit To South Leeds Surface Online

Last year we reported on the discovery of films dating from the 1940’s to the present day, discovered underneath the stage of the Hunslet Club.

One of these films was about the visit of the Queen to Crabtrees Printing Press manufactuerers in 1958 and has attracted considerable local interest, having featured on BBC Look North and being viewed over 3,000 times on youtube.


This historic film opens with pages of a commemorative brochure being leafed through containing further photographs and information about the Queens’ visit to the factory in South Leeds. This book was assumed long since lost, until a recent chance discovery of a rare copy on ebay. This was purchased by the companies current owners and has now been put online for all to see.


You can see all of the historic film footage of Hunslet Club activities, as well as the most up to date films of club performances and activities at www.youtube.com/hunsletclub