Historic Footage of Queen’s Visit to South Leeds Features (Briefly) in ITV Documentary

Longtime readers of South Leeds Life may recall the story of a historic film of the Queen’s visit to South Leeds in 1958 being found under the stage of the Hunslet Club 

You may be interested to learn that some brief excerpts from this are to feature on an ITV 1 Documentary “The Queen & I” being broadcast this evening at 8:00pm in celebration of the Diamond Jubillee. Whilst a longer piece along with interviews with those who were there in South Leeds 54 years ago was seen on Calendar News on Wednesday May 30th.

“It’s been an interesting piece of historical detective work trying to trace people who there that day and its amazing to think that film footage found stashed away under the Hunslet Club stage is now, albeit briefly, going to have a national audience.” Explains Jason Slack at the club.

Here is the footage in full