Help shape Middleton at new community meetings

This summer has seen the launch of the new regular Middleton Community Meetings – and organisers are calling for residents to come forward to get involved, and to help shape the work of the group going forward.

The next meeting will be on Monday 3 September, at 7pm, at the St Cross Church on Acre Road/Middleton Park Avenue in Middleton (LS10 4JQ). It’s an open meeting, with all attendees getting opportunities to share concerns and ideas for the local area, find out what’s going on, and get involved in projects and campaigns.

Based on the previous meeting last month, current priorities for the group include: anti-social behaviour (especially quad bikes and motorbikes), street cleansing, parking and speeding, and getting a location for the forthcoming Little Library. (More on Little Libraries here.)

The group is looking to work with stakeholders from across the area, including the councillors and Council, local businesses and charities – and of course a wide range of residents, including those in New Forest Village.

As well as looking for volunteers to get involved in hands-on work, the group is also looking to elect a committee at the September meeting. For more info, comment here or via the SLL social media, to get directed towards the group organisers.