Green fingered tenants brighten estate

A successful gardening competition has added the icing to the cake after work by Leeds City Council to make tenants’ gardens more manageable on the Millshaw Road estate in Beeston.

As well as the winners: Gypsy Morton (first), Laura Holmes (second) and Karina Ishaq (third) everyone who took part received a voucher. There was also a special community prize for school children Elizabeth Rocas and Ayanna Sousa who have been helping their elderly neighbour Edward Billcliffe with his garden.

Neighbours White Rose Shopping Centre and Capita, based on the White Rose Office Park, provided prizes and helped with the judging.

Matt Tune from White Rose Shopping centre said:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure walking round seeing some of these gardens today everyone’s worked so hard.

“The WRSC team have been involved throughout the project. It’s really nice to be involved with everyone in the local community so whatever else we can do we’ll look at helping them in the future.”

The competition followed on from work to remove overgrown hedges and remodel steep back gardens.

Addressing the tenants, Thuja Phillips from LCC’s Housing Investments Projects Team said:

“Thank you all for taking part it’s really appreciated. I think what you’ve done here is made the estate look a lot better. A few years ago people looked and said I don’t want to live there, but now people are coming and they want to live here and that’s down to you and what you’ve done.”


Main photo: Winners (L-R) Gypsy Morton (first), Laura Holmes (second) and Karina Ishaq (third)