Going for Gold!

At Lane End Primary we love to celebrate the achievements of our children – both in and out of school. This month we celebrated a very special achievement of one of our Year 2 children.

Olivia Clark attends a local Rainbow group and has worked hard and has now earned the Rainbow Gold Award! This is a new award which was introduced in September 2018 and is the highest award a Rainbow can earn. Not all Rainbows will earn the award and up to date only a handful of girls in the country have been awarded it. We think that Olivia is the only girl in her division to earn the award so far too.

In order to gain the award Olivia had to earn badges, carrying out lots of different tasks and learning lots of new skills, from both the old and new Rainbow programme. She had to earn 3 Roundabout badges from the old programme (these were Seasons, Festivals and Global Adventure where she had to do several activities from each of the 4 sections of each badge) and 3 interest badges from the new programme which were – Family Tree, Agility and Drawing. She also had to complete her Gold Challenge which involved her making a collage, scrapbook or poster about her time in Rainbows to show to the rest of the group and also to visit Brownies to find out more about what they do.

Well done Olivia! We are very proud of you. She is now ready for her next adventure and will be joining the Brownie group as she is now 7 years old,

If you are inspired by Olivia’s achievements and would like to find out more about joining a local Rainbow group, the name of the group is: 51st Leeds (Hunslet St.Mary’s) Rainbows and they meet on Tuesday evenings in term time. If anyone is interested in joining they can register online at www.girlguiding.org.uk and it is for girls aged between 5 and 7.


This post was written by Asa Britton

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