Get to know People Matters at drop ins

If you have never been in touch with People Matters before why not come to one of their New Year ‘get to know you’ sessions?
Starting in January People Matters are launching a new range of adult learning courses that you can find out about.

Current members have said that it can be a big thing to take the first step to get involved with a different organisation but they have found that the people they have met have welcomed them and being involved has boosted their confidence. Anyone who thinks they might want to meet other local people and to find out more about what is going to be available is welcome to come and talk at one of the drop in sessions being planned across South Leeds. There is no commitment needed just come, chat and see what you think.

Sally Jude, the Learning and Community Manager at People Matters reports “We won’t pressure you to join, you can just find out more for the future if that is right for you.” She went on to say “All our courses have been designed so lots of people, who maybe haven’t done a course for years, can take pleasure from getting involved in a friendly, supportive and local organisation doing something that is right for them.”

Dates and venues for the drop in sessions will be publicised on the organisation’s website,, on their Facebook page or via twitter @PeopleMatterLds where you can also find out more too. Come and look at the new prospectus, you can even download it too or give us a ring on (0113) 234 6896.

People Matters, is a social enterprise and is soon to take the step to be a charity. Everyone involved is a member and gets a say in what the organisation does and how it works. Its based in Holbeck just off Domestic Street.