Friends of Trentham Park

Here’s another entry for the 2019 St Luke’s CARES Community Awards, it has been submitted by Brendan Devereux on behalf of the Friends of Trentham Park. For details of how YOUR community group can enter please click here. The deadline for entries is Thursday 28 February.

After successful events run at Trentham Park by Playbox and then Touchstone in 2017 and 2018 a new local group was formed that wished to continue the great strides already made within the park.

A few meetings took place with various members of the community and then on 19 January this year we became a constituted organisation. Since then we have worked with the Parks & Community department and are pleased to announce we will be getting some new playground equipment over the Spring.

So far we have helped clean the park with regular litter picking & dog poo removal sessions. We have also installed four planters which contain a wide variety of plants and even herbs and veggies for the local community to enjoy.

In the upcoming year there is a relaunch event planned once the new equipment is installed, families in the area would really benefit from some events in the park over the summer. As a new group we have not been able to raise funds yet and help from this pot of money would help us to achieve this. As well as the installation of a community notice board and a free little lending library.

The park events have been a highlight for my children and myself as it’s often a struggle to find anything local to do the park is at the back of my house and they have all developed green fingers.

A vote for us would mean the absolute world to us as we continue to strive towards our own little oasis in the middle of Beeston. We welcome your vote to be able to buy equipment, seeds and plants to maintain our park and keep it nice and welcoming for our community.


This post was written by Brendan Devereux (Vice Chairman, Friends of Trentham Park)

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