Free theatre tickets for Leeds Playhouse

As part of South Leeds Life’s ongoing partnership with Leeds Playhouse we are able to offer a free* pair of tickets to a range of shows coming up over the next few months.

*Of course there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so although the tickets are free we do ask for something in return. We rely on our readers to review the plays they see. You can write the review yourself and send it us for publication, or if you’re not confident to write it yourself, you can chat to one of our reporters who will write up your thoughts into a review.

Leeds Playhouse has undergone a major renovation programme this year and reopens its doors in October with a full programme of plays for all ages and tastes.

Our free* tickets are for the press night of each show as follows. Just click on the play’s title to find out more about the show.

To apply for free tickets to any of these shows, please email telling us why you would like to see the show and review it.

Tickets are only available on the date shown which is the show’s Press Night.