Fencing and CCTV hope in bid to secure Hunslet Cemetery

The Friends And Relatives of Hunslet Cemetery Group have been debating what fencing they would like to help secure the area from vandals.

The group is holding a debate and vote over on their Facebook page on what fencing they would like to see.

Member Eileen Leach says:

“Thank you to all the members of this group for your support, seems it’s not been wasted because we have had an update from Joanne Clough from parks and coutryside, regarding securing Hunslet Cemetery and it mentions looking into CCTV as well as some types of fencing.”

Member Gaynor Purvis said:

“First and foremost is the fencing for the newer part of the cemetery and the rest will follow, we want a cemetery that all our loved ones deserve… whether they passed away a few days ago or a 100 years ago, it doesnt matter as long as we are all singing from the same hymn sheet so as to speak we will achieve all these items and more with continued support.”

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