Emma Pogson-Golden and her journey to be a Councillor

My name is Emma Pogson-Golden and I live in Belle Isle.

Wayne and Emma Councillors.

I am now the newly elected councillor for the Middleton Park Ward, but this was not an easy thing to do. Previously I worked in a school and with a local community centre. I had to make a very hard decision to leave the jobs I loved to do, to try and become a councillor, with no guarantee I would get in.

My reasons for running in the local election were, and still are simple. I want to help people in a positive way, as this is something I have always done, and the party that I stand with share some of the same views as me.

At the beginning of March, I was asked by Sam, at Middleton Elderly Aid  to do the cover work and I jumped at the chance, as this would work around my campaign, and I still get to see and talk to people in the ward.

Wayne, Emma and others.

My roles and responsibilities were to ensure people using the centre, were looked after by serving beverages with biscuits in the morning, calling the bingo and hoy just before lunch, checking no one was cheating. Then serve lunches as well as just having a chat with everyone keeping the atmosphere a happy, pleasant place to be.

There are many different sessions you can do here such as computers, walking groups, line dancing, fitness classes for all abilities, as well as games, events and not forgetting the amazing dinners with a pudding, which I even had the pleasure to make, thankfully no one was ill after.

I have loved my time been here, I have made lots of friends and lovely memories, everyone is so friendly. I was greeted with so much kindness from everyone, using the facilities, the volunteers and staff were all very welcoming to me as there are to anyone who come in. I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to experience this.

To be honest I can’t thank Middleton Elderly Aid enough as they helped with my journey to become a Councillor for Middleton Park ward.

Although I love to talk to people, and will talk to anyone, it was a very daunting experience having your face all over the place during the campaign. I don’t really like to be the centre of attention, but it was something I had to do.

Emma and Wayne

Many people know me and know what positive things have done in the past for the community, so I think this may be the reason why I was elected and hope I can fulfil their expectations.

I said from the beginning I will help anyone I can but will not promise things I cannot give. If I can’t do something that has been asked of me, I intend to give the reason why. I believe being open and honest is what is needed.

I would like to thank all my family and friends for standing by me throughout the election and continuing to do so now. Lastly, I wouldn’t be in the position now if it wasn’t for the many residents of Middleton and Belle Isle that went out to vote for me on 4 May 2023, so my many thanks to you all.


I do hope I have not bored you too much, but now know a little bit of the journey I have been on to get where I am today. Thank you Emma.


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