22 September 2023


Social Democratic Party GAIN
Elected: POGSON-GOLDEN Emma Louise

Candidate Description Votes
ADEYEMI Samson Roberts The Conservative Party Candidate 376
AGBEMAFLE Eunice Delali Green Party 186
ARBUCKLE Jude Patrick Liberal Democrats 86
DONALDSON Joelle Darnelle Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 91
POGSON-GOLDEN Emma Louise Social Democratic Party 1,985
SUMMERS Lauren Alice Labour and Co-operative Party 1,587
Electorate: 20,215
Turnout: 21%
Spoilt ballots: 9


Here is a list of all the candidates standing in Middleton Park ward for election to Leeds City Council on Thursday 4 May 2023.

We have contacted all the candidates to ask them about why they are standing and what their policies are. We will publish their answers as they send them in so keep checking back to compare answers and make your choice.

We held an online hustings meeting on Wednesday 26 April at 7pm. You can watch a recording of the meeting here:


Samson Roberts ADEYEMI

The Conservative Party Candidate

Address in Leeds*


Eunice Delali AGBEMAFLE

Green Party

Address in Leeds*

Hi! I live in Belle Isle, I’ve lived here most of my life, and I love this area, and all the people in it. I volunteer at an amazing south Leeds youth project (Space), and work locally too.

I remember moving to the area when I was young, and my parents being warned about not being accepted – but this is a welcoming community, and I can proudly say I’ve always felt I belonged here.

And I’m passionate about change. I want better for us, and for the whole community. We deserve all the opportunities to thrive and succeed.

Which is why I’m standing for the Green Party. The Greens are a growing force locally, working with others to make a difference and an impact here in south Leeds. And the same is true across Leeds and the UK: we are offering an alternative to the status quo, that’s neglected our needs, and fallen short.

Green Party councillors are empowered to do what is best for the communities they serve, not the party they represent. So on 4th May, please use vote for a new way of doing politics, that will prioritise the needs of Middleton Park. Thank you.


Jude Patrick ARBUCKLE

Liberal Democrats

209 Hall Lane, Horsforth, LS18 5EG


Joelle Darnelle DONALDSON

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

24 Woodland Drive, Middleton, LS10 4GW

Hi, my name is Joelle Donaldson and I am standing in the local elections for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) on behalf of the Socialist Party in the Middleton Park ward of Leeds, where I have lived since 2014. I am in training as a Maintenance Technician on the railway based out of Holbeck and through my employment on the railway I have become an active member of the RMT union.

I’m standing for TUSC because it’s an organisation built by and for workers and ordinary people. Unlike every other party standing in this election, TUSC has a strategy to challenge the austerity mark 2 coming from the government and to fight to ensure our city has the resources we need.

Instead of bemoaning funding cuts but then carrying them out anyway, with Little Owls children’s nurseries the latest service being cut, we believe councillors should be organising with communities and trade unions to fight the government for the funding we need,  whilst using reserves and borrowing powers to preserve services in the short-term.

Working class people need a political voice that isn’t being provided by the main parties and I urge anyone who agrees to get involved in TUSC like I have done in standing in this election.



Social Democratic Party

346 Belle Isle Rd, Leeds, LS10 3PE

My name is Emma Pogson-Golden and I have lived here all my life, first with my mum, dad and brother in the Brooms area and now with my husband and 3 children on Belle Isle Road.

Some people know me from Manorfield hall but also, I have worked in schools around this area too. I have always tried to work hard for the community, as I want a safe and happy environment not just my family, but others too.

I have hosted community parties to bring people together, a tot’s group that anyone was welcome to come to with activities to help children and adults socialise and have fun together, I run free holiday camps with a meal to help local families and a food bank, that I feel is very much needed in the current climate. I am very community driven and want to help people who may need it.

I am standing because I feel I can make more of a difference in the community, I have been working closely with Wayne since his election last May and there has already been lots of positive change in the area, but I feel if I’m elected, we can go further.


Lauren Alice SUMMERS

Labour and Co-operative Party

Address in Leeds*

Both of my parents were key workers and I grew up sharing their values of public service. I currently work in the rail sector and have worked for a local authority, central government, NHS providers and commissioners previously. I’ve also been a full-time trade union officer.

Many people in Belle Isle and Middleton have asked me why they should vote for me, and what I will do to make a real difference. First of all I have a track record of advocating for people and solving problems.

Second, I can see that many of Belle Isle and Middleton’s issues can only be fixed by working collaboratively with key decision makers. I have the experience and ability to provide leadership, lobby and negotiate on your behalf. I’ve done this successfully to improve the lives of residents in other areas.

I understand the issues you face, I’m here to fight for you. I’m a strong woman and I’m not afraid to speak truth to power. If you choose me as your councillor you will see me around, you will be able to speak to me in person and you will notice improvements.



*In England, if a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the relevant electoral area in which their home address is situated (or country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided.