Disability Families of Middleton

Hi, my name is Chrissy Thornton.

Santa and his Horse and Cart

I set up a group called Disability Families of Middleton in February 2017.

I started with five families and now have around 70 children and their families.

This group is for anyone with disabilities, mental or physical.

I run this from my home and DAZL headquarters in Middleton as my house is no longer adequate as there are way too many to fit in.

I do this as there was nothing in Middleton for our children to do or to socialise. It’s important for the parents too.

We support each other and help with ideas and strategies. We have to fundraise for everything we do so we can explore and enjoy our time. We hold tabletop sales, and we have a raffle page on Facebook: DFM Fundraising Raffles

What a load of Pumpkins.

We do garden activities, Easter bonnet competitions, trips to the seaside, Halloween and Christmas parties which is we try to raise as much as possible.

I started this group as I got custody of my grandchildren. My grandson has many disabilities and there wasn’t anything local for us to access, so I started my group I didn’t think it would take off but am truly thankful it has, as it’s so rewarding to see the smiles and hear the laughter.

This group brings people together that can see and understand each other while letting them know they’re not alone.

As South Leeds Life reported, through Covid we went out with Santa, Grinch, Elf on a horse and cart as a lovely lady volunteered her two sons. It was such good fun after such a grim year.

We also ask companies as well as local people to donate anything they can. We have a lot of wonderful people in LS10.

You can contact Chrissy by emailing: chrissythorntonchris@outlook.com