Crime issues discussed in Beeston

A recent Beeston Forum meeting was attended by Sgt Di Whiteside and PCSO 115 Oli Metcalf from Holbeck NPT.

West Yorkshire Police logoAccording to a report on the Holbeck NPT website, officers discussed the local crime figures and arrests made in the area.

The current local priorities were discussed – anti-social behaviour on Cardinals is no longer an issue and this priority will be closed, as will the one for diesel thefts. Anti-social behaviour on Atha Street has decreased and the decision was taken to close this priority too.

Residents again raised concern over speeding on Gypsy Lane and agreed that they would like HNPT to focus on this issue as a local priority. SID (Speed Indicator Device) will be used, and there will also be additional patrols in the area around tea times especially on Thursday and Friday afternoons as residents believe this will be a deterrent. There is also a local school nearby.

ASB and nuisance motorcycles in Cross Flatts Park is becoming a problem an residents asked for this to be added as a priority for the area.

Both issues will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Residents raised concerns about how to contact the police and were given the NPT number but requested a leaflet with the necessary contact details on. This has now been produced and will be available at the next meeting.

Next meeting to be held on Thursday 2nd August at Beeston Village Community Centre, St Anthony’s Drive, at 7.30pm.