Council Executive Board Round-Up


There are a couple of issues the Council’s Executive Board is considering at its meeting on Wednesday (9 October 2013) which may be of particular interest to readers of South Leeds Life.

Refuse collection


There’s a report on the Council’s first phase of alternate weekly collections of black and green bins which has resulted in a 23% decrease in the amount of waste sent to landfill from households in the Phase One area (56,000 households) – this phase does not include properties in LS10 or 11.  Phase 2, which is in preparation for introduction later in this financial year, includes Middleton Park.

A third phase will be introduced in 2014/15 for the 80% of properties city-wide that are thought suitable for this service.  South Leeds Life has requested details of which areas this includes.

Bowling greens

The annual cost  to the Council associated with providing and maintaining bowling facilities is £255,000, resulting in a net subsidy of £245,000 each year – the only income is just under £10,000 from Bowls Associations.

The proposal with the report to the Executive Board is to increase income substantially by issuing season tickets, which will cost each bowler £25 in 2014/15 and increase annually to a cost of £31.50 in 2017/18.  By doing this and reducing costs the Council plans to reduce the subsidy to £131,000 by that point (approximately £52 per bowler).

What do you think?

We would be interested to hear your views on two weekly bin collections, and season tickets for bowlers. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.