Community workshops to help make your money go further


Poverty busters logo 2Do you need help with money matters? Can you spot a scam? Do you know your consumer rights? Help is at hand.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards are offering courses to community groups across South Leeds. The Financial Fitness Leeds project covers a range of topics through interlinked, practical workshops delivered to participants over a “course” of five weeks.

HolbeckresidentsScams, Fraud and Rogue Traders. West Yorkshire Trading Standards received over 1,000 complaints last year from residents who had become victims of scams and frauds; nearly half of the UK adult population has been targeted. This session also highlights rogue traders activity and current doorstep crime trends.

Welfare Reform. An informal overview of the main changes to the benefits system alongside practical budgeting exercises, identifying luxuries and necessities and priority spends in learners budgets. How will the “bedroom tax” impact on already stretched finances and what does the Council Tax Support Reduction mean for me?

Credit and Credit reports. This session identifies safe saving and borrowing, highlights the activities of Loan Sharks and encourages participants to think about APR and what it really means. Is that pay day loan at 4000% APR still such a good idea?!

“Give me my money back!” Do you know what your statutory rights really mean? What to do when the heel falls off a new pair of shoes and the shop keeper doesn’t want to know? This session highlights the rights and responsibilities of a consumer, examines counterfeit goods and explores everyday scenarios faced by customers.

Best Deal. Savvy shoppers know where to go for the best deals, where to look for the cheapest utilities and which items to put in their supermarket trolley. Find out how to use comparison websites effectively, hunt for the best deals online and what additives really hide in your chicken nuggets!

For more information or to book a course at a venue near you please contact Dawn Mason on 0113 393 9819 or email: