BITMO GATE Walk and Talk Group becomes Dementia Friendly

ken123Hi, I have been working hard to get more people to walk on the BITMO GATE Walk and Talk walking group and to obtain grants and funding, which would allow me to buy certain things like Pedometers for everyone on the walks.

I have managed to get grants and get the Dementia Friendly accreditation.dementia friends I’m a member of the Dementia Alliance steering group committee, we run meetings at various venues across Leeds. Hopefully the next 1 will be at BITMOs GATE.

I’m also involved with West Yorkshire Playhouse making plays Dementia Friendly, the next play for me to have a look at is in November, as Nicky tells me.

So as above, I have managed to get the Dementia Friendly accreditation for The BITMO GATE Walk and Talk, walking group. This is Thanks to Sarah Goodyear, of the Dementia Alliance and Carla of BITMO GATE.
This allows the walking group to be advertised in such a way that until now, I have not been unable to do.
The criteria has been suggested for to make the group Dementia Friendly, are below.
The only one I will struggle with is number 5. The sponsored walk.
If you want to organise this, and collect sponsor money please contact me. This money will go towards more goodies for the group. Everything else I already do, and everyone is contacted by Facebook on the day as a reminder and also very warm days to bring water and on wet days to bring a Brolly. So here goes.

1.) Keep the walk on the same day and time each week to make it easier to get into a routine.

2.) You could offer a ‘reminder service’ in the morning of the walk, where you ring or email in the morning to remind people the walk is on

3.) Keep the walk fairly short; 30 minutes to 1 hour would be ideal

4.) Finish with a cup of tea at a local café, so people have chance to chat to each other

5.) Lastly, you could plan a sponsored walk to raise awareness of the walking group.

6.) Make flyers for your group including the dementia friendly symbol so people knew they can attend and be supported.

7.) Bring a mobile phone on every walk and encourage people with dementia to come with a contact number on them, just in case of emergencies.

I have managed to secure for the group, by the way of funding and grants some walking group packs.
The packs consist of various promotional items including a pedometer, water bottle, key ring/ torch, foot spray and pen. Also a number of go:walking t-shirts. Available from mid-September.

It is a limited offer open to the 1st 10, who have done 4 or more walks with the group.
So far to include Susan Fisher, Gerry, Chris Holmes and Carla Yeomans.

Good luck and keep walking.

Dates for your diary:

Still time to sponsor me for my memory walk at

Event: Leeds Memory Walk, Temple Newsom, 24 September 2016.

17th September will be my 100th Parkrun and my last.

Please come along to celebrate and cheer me on for my 100th Parkrun and grab some buns after the Run, and in my case mostly walking.
My knee has been getting worse over the last few years and in pain for quite a few days after the parkrun, so decided to hang up my trainers and just Marshal at the Parkrun.

5th October (at BITMO GATE) 1st Birthday of the Bitmo Gate Walk and Talk Walking group.
Come and join us on this special day. Gerry is to bake a cake, and plenty more to eat after the 1 hour walk. Maybe get the whole of BITMO GATE to join us on the walk. Everyone welcome.