Belle Isle mother’s plea for kidney donor

Jessica Kemp from Belle Isle is appealing for a donor to come forward to provide a kidney for her daughter Emily.

Both Emily, aged 11, and her sister Poppy, 10 suffer from a very rare kidney disease call Cystinosis. Whilst the condition can be treated with drugs in the the short term, the only long term solution is a transplant.

Poppy had a successful transplant last year after her father donated one of his kidneys. Unfortunately, Jessica is not a match and so can’t donate a kidney herself.

Healthy adults with two kidneys can lead a normal life with just one functioning kidney. There are around 1,100 live kidney transplants in Britain each year.

If you would like to volunteer to donate a kidney to Emily please email: You will need to be in the O blood group and under 60 years old. NHS staff will contact you and you will need to undertake further tests to make sure you a match before the procedure can go ahead.

Jessica said:

“If you could apply to donate it would be amazing and we would be eternally grateful. It would help Emily live a longer and healthier life.”

Poppy Kemp received a kidney from her dad last year


Main photo: Emily Kemp needs a kidney transplant