Belle Isle Gala 2015


Welcome to Belle Isle Gala 2015 Belle Isle Gala 2015 (12)Before I made it up to the Gala, checked the Met Forecast, Cloudy start and sunny with a temperature of 26c later on. So I decided to wear a cap.

As you can see from early photos, a grey sky but soon turned out be a beautiful day. I usually turn up early to get some photos of the stalls and later with the crowds.

It was nice to see many stalls doing Tombola, and raising money for good causes. Also not many, if any car boot type of stalls I think they have a place, but not at Fairs and Galas.

I waited for Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire Michael Fox, and his wife Lynne to arrive to get some photos; Chris gave me the nod, Chris was on traffic duty. Got a couple of Photos, then because of the nice weather they decided to go round the Gala instead of a Children’s get together in the School.

Couple of early photos Del Boys 3 wheeler van (I’m assured its original complete with blow up dolls in back (anyone remember that episode) and Mr Ts Hummer, this is certainly not original. Who cares Children thought it was great.Julies Photos (4)

Sally Sumpner (Executive head at Windmill Primary School) Retires in a couple of weeks time. I managed to interview Sally a couple of weeks ago, her interview is on the blog and in July /August edition of South Leeds Life Newspaper.

Made my way up to the Bitmo Volunteer tent to have a soft drink and later had one of the Black Forest Gatuex buns. Nice to see Dave and Phil among the volunteers. We all have to remember without volunteers many Galas and Festivals would not go ahead.

Saw Chris Ash, Bitmo and many others as I went round the Gala; please don’t ask me to remember some of their names. As usual some say hello Ken, not a clue who some are.

Belle Isle Gala 2015 (30)Already Ruby Macintosh setting up her pa ready to sing and play guitar Later went back to have a listen to her wonderful voice singing some 40s and war time hits. You can see more of her at I’ve heard Chris Holmes bought one of her cds. Aw you romantic Chris. Missed that, will buy one hopefully on line. See Ruby also on

Later on saw John and his Students, playing guitar of BITMO GATE fame. He will show you how to play guitar on Wednesdays at THE GATE.

Had a chat with many other friends along the way, Julie, Lynne and Carla. There are stalls that will attract children more than anything is anything to do with Animals. So I went along to Owl adventures Where 4 Birds of Prey on show. You paid for instance £3.00 for a child to hold a bird on their gloved arm. Also a Small Snake (I prefer that very large yellow snake) sometimes at events. A tarantula spider, if anyone dare have on your hand, think will give that a miss. Lol.

Later on Owl Adventures did a flying display. One of the birds decided wasn’t going to come back and disappeared over the top of school. Anyway the guy got him to return, I asked him, do you always get then back, he didn’t answer.birds (3)

I would say with Children anyway, second best show today was Punch and Judy, complete with Crocodile and Policeman, that’s the way to do it.

On my travels around saw Kim Groves Cllr Judith Blake Cllr and Hilary Benn MP. Managed to get a photo of Hilary on a exorcize bike. Reminded my of the time when that famous politician told us all to get on our bike, while travelling to House of Commons in his Jag.

Fire Engine made a late appearance (maybe on a shout) Lynne asked me to go over on take some photos. Lynne also asked me to take some of the crowds to show how many turned up, job done Lynne.

Went into the Hunslet Club, clubhouse. Again many tombola stalls and people selling food. Took an opportunity to have a sit down and have a rest.

Right back out in the Sun. Harry the Hawk was seen pecking around and Ronnie the Rhino, seemed to disappear quickly, trying to avoid a fight with Harry no doubt.

Belle Isle Gala 2015 (31)Had a photo of me taken by Lynne with Harry later and Margret. Looking at my photo, it seems I have lost my double chin. All that weight loss, doing well.

The usual inflatables dotted around the Gala, keeping children happy. Also the Windmill School play tower made to good use. I declined the offer of going in the stocks and having a wet sponge thrown at me.

On the big field stopped for a while to watch some Rugby by children of all ages. Mr Gamble, (Low Road and Windmill Executive Headteacher) in his Royal Air force Uniform.

Saw Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire Michael Fox and his wife Lynne on my way round the Gala a few times. Managed to get him to pose with Jeremy, South Leeds Life Editor.

Thankfully the lost Children and First Aid tents had little to do, but it’s always advisable to have these faculties, just in case. Visited the Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom stand and recognised the many of my photos on display.  

Jonathon in the main arena giving some order to the many acts and dance troupes displays. You did very well jc.

The climbing wall was very popular, I notice when towing it away at the end of the day, had trouble getting out of the School someone parked car right on the bend.

Oh dear.People (7) Well that’s about it, after about 4 hours (I did arrive early) made my way home with Julie promised me to get some photos of Sally’s presentation.

Please note any photos of Sally, and additional photos courtesy of Julie Holmes.

Please take the time to view the slide show at the top of this Blog, thank you.