Beeston residents to discuss Tempest Road junction changes

A meeting next Monday (29 January 2024) will debate changes being planned to make the junction of Tempest Road and Dewsbury Road safer.

At the last public meeting of Beeston Hill Community Association in November we became aware of significant changes that are being planned for the Tempest Road/Dewsbury Road junction.

Those of us living in this area can all agree this junction is dangerous, difficult and needs improving. Although various options could have been put forward to address these issues, the council and Highways are looking to close the right turn in and out of Tempest Road. This is a major junction and route for local people, any changes will have a big impact, especially for residents on the smaller, surrounding streets. Local resident and committee member Natalie says:

“As a driver I use the junction every day since junction 2a [of the M621] was closed without any public consultation. I know it’s dangerous but feel very worried that the proposed changes will increase travel times and distance for me, but most importantly, it would restrict access for emergency services such as fire brigade who will also no longer be able to turn right from Dewsbury Road up into Tempest road. That is a far more serious consideration than extra travel distance for me. That’s a matter of life and death.

“Parking at the shops is a major problem. Cars park there and it restricts the visibility. The shops may attract a transient trade but most customers would be able to walk a few more metres if the parking situation was reconsidered as an alternative to this! There isn’t a shortage of shops in the area. There’s plenty of local choice if parking was to be reduced here.”

The Beeston Hill Community Association feels such a big decision should have the input of local people with local knowledge – we should have the opportunity to share our experiences and have our voices heard to help shape the decision making process. As a result of this we are holding a public meeting on Monday 29 January at the Hamara Centre, Tempest Road from 6:30-8pm.

This is open to anyone in the area who wants to have their say and be heard on this issue. There will be an opportunity for people to share their views – all the information will be collated so we can reflect what has been said to those involved in this project. We would love you to join us – let’s make our voices heard! As well as discussing this matter we will enjoy some amazing food together cooked by our committee member Shaz – we think we have the best refreshments around, come and find out!

If you are unable to attend our meeting but have views to share please get in touch via our Facebook group, ‘Beeston Hill Community Association – Leeds‘ or email us at

Beeston Hill Community Association is a community-led group which aims to give residents of Beeston Hill* the opportunity to get to know neighbours, share their views on community life and be heard. We hope to celebrate what is strong in our community, not simply focus on what is wrong. We would love to see residents getting to know one another, working together to speak up for the area and bring about change.

* Beeston Hill Community Association covers the old red brick housing around the Tempest Road area, down to Dewsbury Road, including areas such as the Harlechs, Woodviews, Stratfords and all surrounding streets.


Please see also an article by Cllrs Wray and Iqbal (Labour Hunslet & Riverside) about the proposals.


This post was written by Sarah Hutchinson

Photo: Google Streetview

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