Beeston & Holbeck ward


Labour Party HOLD
Elected: MALONEY Annie

Candidate Description Votes
ANDREWS Peter Richard Liberal Democrats 179
ARMITAGE Natalia The Conservative Party Candidate 740
MALONEY Annie Labour Party 2,070
PERRY Nigel Social Democratic Party 250
POLUCCIU Mariana Green Party 971
REANEY Emily Louise Northern Independence Party – Nationalise Energy Companies 147
Electorate: 18,282
Turnout: 24.0%
Spoilt ballots: 25


Here is a list of all the candidates standing in Beeston & Holbeck ward for election to Leeds City Council on Thursday 5 May 2022.

We have contacted all the candidates to ask them about why they are standing and what their policies are. We will publish their answers as they send them in so keep checking back to compare answers and make your choice.

We also held an online hustings meeting on Monday 25 April. You can watch it here:


Peter Richard ANDREWS

Liberal Democrats

2 Whingate Avenue, Armley, Leeds, LS12 3RE



The Conservative Party candidate

Address in Leeds*

My name is Natalia Armitage.

I have lived in Beeston for four years and endured the pandemic alongside you, sharing your daily struggles and becoming aware of local issues in this exceptional community.

Many problems need our urgent attention: the increasing crime and anti-social behaviour, reckless drivers. Like you, I have experienced disappointment at the quality of bus services. After years of neglect, hands-on action is required, not social media posing.

I volunteer at a Christian charity shop regularly and am passionate about environmental issues. I am an active member of Churwell Environmental Volunteers, Beeston in Bloom and Keep Britain Tidy.

Working as a scientist, university lecturer and National Health Service administrator I learned how to efficiently implement fresh ideas and bring them to fruitful outcomes. For the last 8 months, I have been working as a warehouse operative and have experienced many unequal practices and everyday realities faced by working people.

Unlike many of my opponents, I have never held public office before, but my determination, optimism and open approach to people will ensure I get to grips with these important goals. I am here for you.



Labour Party

Address in Leeds*

I’m Annie Maloney and I’m proud to have been selected as your local Labour candidate. I’m thrilled to be standing in the ward where I work, where my family have called home and where I’ve endured the highs and lows of Leeds United!

Growing up, I’ve seen in my own lifetime the devastation visited upon communities by the Conservative government. Nearly half of my life has been spent under Conservative austerity – a political choice of those with the most, taking from those with the least. We all deserve better than this. Throughout almost 12 years of harsh Tory austerity, including the last 2 years of the coronavirus pandemic, Leeds Labour, including your local Labour team, have battled government cuts to keep children centres open, embarked on the city’s largest council house building programme and worked tirelessly to tackle poverty and deprivation across our city and communities.

As your local Labour councillor, I will work with residents, community groups, service providers and local businesses to help empower our community and continue the great work of our Labour councillors in our ward – Beeston, Holbeck and Cottingley Hall as well as city wide.



Social Democratic Party

9 Ingram Crescent, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 0BU

I’ve lived in Holbeck all my life, it’s my home and I love the area and the people. My family has lived here for 200 years.  I have so many friends in Holbeck, Beeston and Cottingley.  To fully understand the real issues affecting residents it’s so important for elected councillors to live here. Local Councillors set the policies that shape our lives and communities yet many residents vote along national party political lines. Voting for the same thing every time has not improved things here … we are expected to keep silent as crime rates and anti-social behaviour rise. I’ve played my part in community campaigning over the years, including being active in the campaign to improve safety for residents by banning kerb crawling and street prostitution outside our homes.

So many of us are passionate about our area. We want to make it a better place and put the “great” back into our diverse communities. That starts with believing that if we all work together we can bring about change.  If you vote for me you’ll be voting for someone who really cares about us and understands what we need.  Let’s come together to improve our area, our lives and the lives of our children. We need safer streets and parks where we can relax and let
our families play. We need to improve the quality of properties offered by private landlords and increase the building programme for social housing.

You can find out more about Social Democratic Party policies at  If you don’t already know me, get in touch for a chat or join me on Facebook here



Green Party

89 Cross Flatts Avenue, Leeds, LS11 7BH

Here in south Leeds, we need councillors who live locally, and love our community. The big traditional parties are tired and failing – and too often drop non-local candidates into areas like ours.

I’m originally from Moldova, but have been proud to make Beeston my home these past 10 years. I live here with my kids, and have tried to make myself useful in the life of our dynamic and diverse community!

I’m proud to be part of the Green Party, with others like my friends Ed (Carlisle) and Becky (Kellett). Together with local people, we’re working away year-round to make a difference, on projects, events, litterpicking, campaigns, and more.

I myself co-run local projects including the Happy Global Families group, and the LS11 School Uniform Swap, and help with groups like St Mary’s Brownies and Rainbows, and Better Action for Families. I’ve also previously worked and volunteered with elderly groups, and women who have been trafficked.

Above all else, I want to serve and champion our community. Life is often tough, but we have a great area with many wonderful residents – and together, we can create change, and make a positive impact everyday. Let’s make our community proud.


Emily Louise REANEY

Northern Independence Party – Nationalise Energy Companies

Address in Leeds*

I’ve lived in Beeston since I was four years old, and I understand the struggles people here face. Like much of the North, Leeds has been left behind by successive governments and it’s time things changed. I want to stand up for the people of Beeston, and ensure we get our fair share.

Lack of affordable housing has meant that many families in the area are giving a huge proportion of their income to private landlords. I will propose rent controls and more
affordable housing across Leeds.

We also need better access to education and training. We need to build up the skills of people across our area, so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our community. Most importantly, I will give the people of Beeston more of a say over what happens in our area. We need more control over new developments and local transport options, and more funding to repair and rejuvenate the area.

I want to represent the real people of Beeston, and make sure your voices are heard by those in power. Beeston is my home and I want to be involved in making it the best it can be for generations to come.


*In England, if a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the relevant electoral area in which their home address is situated (or country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided.